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delivers your SDI HD/SD Video to any DVB-S2 TV via the antenna cable

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This Video converter has one HD-SDI digital video/audio input to connect to any HD/SD SDI video source and transforms it into a real DVB-S2 Digital Satellite Television signal that can be tuned and received on any standard DVBS2 TV in any room, plus simultaneous IP Streaming output to receive and watch on unlimited IPTV enabled devices also Upnp and DNLA.

Application example to distribute to unlimited DVB-S2 television via the existing Antenna Coax Cable ( RED LINE COLOR )
and to unlimited IP Streaming devices including any mobile device, laptop, Internet enabled TVs, Upnp DNLA ( GREEN LINE COLOR )

The HD or SD Video Format is Auto-Detected and and the output frequency can be adjusted to any free L-BAND channel ( 950 - 1750 Mhz ).
Distribution to the wanted TVs is made by simply connecting the L-BAND Output of the converter to any existing Antenna Wall socket, pushing the signal to the existing coax network with immediate perfect results, without requiring any changes to the existing cables in most of the cases.
Alternatively, the signal out can be mixed at the antenna as it would be another antenna source.
Multiple converters can be interconnected to achieve the wanted number of video programs.
All TVs will find these new channels by simply rescanning the available signals, and your programs will be stored to the wanted remote control button thanks to the specific channel number you can specify on each converter. 
Key Features
Easy distribute any HD/SD SDI video and audio content to unlimited DVB-S2 TVs via the existing antenna coax cable
  • Simple & Cost-Effective
  • Quick setup
  • Does not require modifications to the existing antenna coax cables, splitters, mixers, etc..
  • Perfect HD or SD quality on any TV
  • No loss of quality typical of analog modulators
Create your own DVB-S2 Television channels from any SDI/DVI video audio source.
  • Connects directly to any computer DVI output, making to DVB-S2 any power point, browser, application software, media player, signage players, etc.
  • Connects directly to any USB or HDD Media Player, to create as example advertising channels etc.
  • Connects to any game consolle, DVD and BlueRay players, Set Top Box, or any other SDI device, delivering the content in HD or SD to your DVB-S2 Televisions in every room
Programmable Output frequency and multi-channel scalability
  • Multiple converters can be used at the same time to capture and distribute to your DVB-S2 TVs any wanted number of HD/SD programs
  • Each converter can be set to its own output frequency/channel in order to use the free ones within the L-BAND spectrum
Compatible with any DVB-S2 TV
  • Each converter supports any HD/SD format with the ability to use both the Mpeg-2 or the Mpeg-4 H264 AVC HD/SD standards, to meet any possible application requirements
  • HD contents can also be down-scaled to sd, to distribute to MPEG-2 SD only televisions
Compatible with any existing antenna system, analog and digital
  • Installs in minutes in every room where the source video signals are, and inject the DVBS2 signal to any existing wall mount antenna sockets, to all the others in the building
  • Works stand alone by using its power supply accessory, or connects to any existing antenna roof-system, taking a simple 12 Volts power from it
Rack Mount Chassis
19" Rack to install up to 8 Converters  plus the Power Supply Module

Rack Power Supply
8 Modules Power supply for Rack or DIN Rail Mount

External Power Supply
12 Volts professional-grade power supply to operate one converter stand alone - AC 90-240 Volts
Programming Kit
This Kit is needed to program any module of our series at the isntallation time, via any windows based portable computer.
Din Rail
Alluminium Din Rail Guide to wall-mount up to 8 converter modules plus the power supply module, ideal for roof-mount
Coax Bridge Kit
This Kit is needed to mix multiple module together into one signal to go to the exisitng antenna system
Termination Kit
This Kit is needed to " close " open unused connectors on the final systems in order to avoid external interferences



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