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With no set top boxes !

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This converter box can receive up to 7 complete satellite frequencies/transponders of your choice at the same time, from one or multiple parabolic antennas.

Each of the seven sat transponders normally carries about 10 or more TV programs plus some radio stations, so this box can receive and route to the ATSC BANDWIDTH a choice of at least 30+ HD/SD SAT TV programs simultaneously.

Encrypted PAY TV programs can be descrambled by inserting one CAM + Smart Card set per each of the 7 frequencies, so a total of 7 smart cards can be inserted into our system as standard, to descramble all the received programs simultaneously.  The system support any world-wide encryption standard.

Selected programs are converted into 7 standard ATSC frequencies then distributed through the existing antenna cable to any standard ATSC TV in every room, without requiring modifications to the existing coax distribution cables in most of the cases.

Each of the seven output frequencies can be adjusted to an available free channel within the VHF/UHF spectrum.

Each ATSC TV will still be able to receive all the local televisions plus all the satellite-converted programs, and each room will just need a standard ATSC TV, using its single remote control, without requiring any additional set top box.

Application example to distribute 30+ satellite programs, converted to ATSC, to unlimited ATSC television via the existing Antenna Coax Cable ( RED LINE COLOR )

Distribution to the wanted TVs is made by simply connecting the RF Output of the converter to the existing Antenna mixer as it would be another antenna source.

Multiple converters can be interconnected to expand the number of managed programs.

All TVs will find these new channels by simply rescanning the available signals, and your programs will be stored to the wanted remote control button thanks to the specific channel number you can specify on each converter.

The SATVIEW revolutionize the satellite TV programs reception and distribution to all the rooms of the building, eliminating the need of any additional antenna cable, splitters, set top boxes, multiple remote controls, using the existing coax cable and just any standard ATSC TV.
Key Features
Easy distribute any HD/SD SAT TV to unlimited ATSC TVs via the existing antenna coax cable without set top boxes
  • Simple & Cost-Effective
  • Quick setup
  • Does not require modifications to the existing antenna coax cables, splitters, mixers, etc..
  • Watch SAT and Local TVs on any standard ATSC TV
  • Eliminates the need of satellite set top boxes, extra cables, multiple remote controls in every room
  • Use ONE REMOTE CONTROL ONLY, original of the TV, to switch between any program, satellite anf local
Converts massive quantity of satellite channels in one box, also PAY TV
  • Up to SEVEN satellite transponders can be entirely converted to 7 ATSC frequencies
  • 30+ SAT TV programs can be converted per box
  • Encrypted transponders can be fully descrambled by simply inserting the proper PAY TV smart card per each transponder, in our box.
Programmable Output frequency and multi-channel scalability
  • Multiple converters can be used at the same time to convert and distribute to your ATSC TVs any wanted number of HD/SD satellite programs
  • Each converter can be set to its own output frequency/channel in order to use the free ones within the VHF/UHF spectrum
Compatible with any ATSC TV and services
  • Each converter supports any HD/SD TV program
  • EPG electronic program guide, logical channel numbering for auto tuning on every tv, MHEG, MHP interactive services, and any standard or custom PSIP descriptors and pids
  • CAS Conditional Access Routing, so PAYTV smart cards can also be inserted at the TV level, where centralized descrambling in not wanted.
Compatible with any existing antenna system, analog and digital
  • Installs in minutes near the existing antenna, programs easy via any standard laptop also from remote with the ability to load presets as needed.



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